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Fix leaking faucets and handles. Install and replace fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms. Excavation & laying of new drains & services. Burst pipes, pipe repair & replacement.

Kitchen/Bath Renovations.

Gas & Heating

Install gas fired appliances such as; unit heaters, furnaces, boilers & water heaters. Install & test rough-in & finish piping to all gas fired appliances & outside bbq lines as well as fire units

24 Hour Sewer & Drain Cleaning

We have a wide variety of drain cleaning machines to tackle any pesky blockage: Kitchen & bathroom sinks

Bathtubs & toilets

Main lines & grease interceptors

Floor drains & dishwashers

Water Heater Installation & Servicing

Install and service all makes and models of residential and commercial water heaters. Annual routine maintenance programs to help prolong tank life expectancy and save you money!

Building Maintenance

Routine building maintenance & 24 hour on-call emergency services for condos, apartment buildings, commercial buildings & property management companies.

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